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Wu Tang Clan

By Arvid Sjödin.

Iconic often describes someone or something that is symbolic or special for a person. It can be spiritual, virtue and emotional for people. For example, the iconic Statue of Liberty symbolizes freedom, according to Vocabulary.com. For me an iconic person is someone who gives me emotions and makes me feel happiness or sadness. When I sit in my sofa and is surrounded by the speakers and I’m playing Wu-Tang, I feel happy.

During the 1990's, a producer called RZA, started making beats in New York. RZAhad a great ear for music, especially hip hop. When he did his beats in a small studio, there were about eight people outside rap battling each other. They had great bars and RZA noticed this. But at the time west coast hip hop was really hugh. N.W.A hade created gangsta rap, Dr.Dre was the most sought-after producer and G-funk was created. RZA wanted that the east coast would become great again and he had an excellent plan. It was about to form a group with these great MC’s and create an album. He saw the different powers of the Mc’s which would make the music more powerful. Instead of releasing one album after another, Wu-Tang were designed to make one debut album and then spin off in so many side projects as possible. In the process, the MC’s would become individual stars and earn money individually. Surprisingly, the plan worked. The album is called “Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).”

Then, why is Wu-Tang iconic? First of all, they had this plan that I talked about. To create one debut album and then blow up as a solo artists is genius thinking. That's exactly what RZA’s ide was. A proof for this is that they have created a secret album that has only one copy. That album was sold for 2 million dollars. That’s iconic. Secondly, they had a different style compared with all other rappers. Their style was so grimmy and raw, they didn’t have a chorus or a hook, it was just straight up bars which made them so special, according to Reakwon. Thirdly, RZA already had a certain sound. It was slow and dreary and he was able to do what he do to make it new and fresh. All he needed was some guys that would understand the sound and they all related to it. This gave it a sense of presence and a feeling a realness. I think that’s the main reason why people still listen to them.

Wu-Tang gives we emotions and make me happy. It’s not only me that is affected. It’s a lot of other people. People my age, people in their 30s and even people in their 60s. That is iconic. If compared with the new school rappers, it’s only people from my generation who listens on them. But every age group listens to Wu-Tang. That is what really made Wu-Tang. I have a proof for this. For about 4 years ago, I was on the Wu-Tang concert on Gröna Lund. I remember seeing a group of 5 men having Wu-Tang t-shirts and Wu-Tang caps. The men were about 60 years old and I was shocked. I had no idea that people in their 60s listened to Wu-Tang but that made me happy. The show was great and that’s one thing I will remember my whole life.

A compliment that I want to give to Wu-Tang is about how many there are in the group and having a great group dynamic. To be nine people in a group is hard, especially when signing. It can be fights if someone sings more than you or make more money than you in the group. Every member in Wu-Tang didn’t rap every song, it was divided. The members also had solo careers so there were no fights about money because everybody did different things. For example: U-God who didn’t have a solo career made less money than Method Man who did have a solo career. That’s why they are still a group today.

A critic that I want to give Wu-Tang is about producing one record that was sold to Martin Shkreli for 2 million dollars. I personally think it’s really cool that he bought this album and I would if I had the money. It’s the most expensive individual album ever solo, which is really iconic. You may ask why I’m criticizing this and that’s because I will never hear the album. If an album is worth 2 million dollars, it has to be special.

It’s then really annoying to know that you will never be able to hear it.

Wu-Tang have influenced many rappers and songs but there is a specific group that have really been influenced by Wu-Tang and their ides. The group I’m talking about is Odd Future. Odd Future have about 17 members, the most famous members are Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt. But these guys didn’t become famous as solo artists. It was the group Odd Future that made them famous. It’s the exact same thing with Wu-Tang. Wu-Tang's rappers became famous as solo artists but it started with the group.

The most important influence is their album “Enter the Wu-Tang(36 chambers.” It’s because they made the album when the west coast ruled hip hop. The album blew up and this influenced other rappers in the east coast to make more music. East coast started growing and just became bigger and bigger. This means that Wu-Tang had a big influence on the east coast revival.