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Whitney Houston

By Frida Ehrnst.

Her mother was the gospel singer Cissy Houston, which must have been the reason for Whitney's early career, she started singing in church where she surprised people with her powerful and angelic voice. When she was 15 she started modeling, she was the first black woman to model for Seventeen. At 19 years old she was discovered after singing in a nightclub, it was at that time her singing career started.

Whitney Houston is an iconic artist to me because even after her death she still has an impact on a lot of people. There are still 23,8 million people listening to her music every month, and I’m one of them.

Her songs are powerful and her voice likewise. She still remains one of the best selling music artists of all time. Her song “I Have Nothing” is an example of one of her songs that are still very popular and known today. It is my favorite song of hers. It is my go-to song when I’m feeling down and it always succeeds to cheer me up.

She changed the pop music world, by using her gospel voice. Which make the songs more powerful and emotional.

For me an icon is someone who has an impact on humanity through their work. As Whitney Houston has touched people through her music, she has changed the music history.

Her first songs were written 30 years ago, and some of them are songs that are still very popular right now, 30 years later. People, even kids know who she is, even though they weren’t living in the 80s and 90s. I’m 15, and she is my favorite artist. The songs I listen to were written way before my time.

Her songs were hits, and they would change the music culture forever. They would have a huge impact on pop music.

Whitney Houston is best known for her role in “The Bodyguard” and its soundtrack. Whitney did her version of Dolly Partons “I Will Always Love You” for the making of “The Bodyguard”. It holds the record for being the best selling single by a woman in music history. After Whitney's death it re-entered the charts again. Which shows that people connect her with that song. I think that this proves that she has a special voice and a different energy, she was unique. She made someone else's song her own. When I first heard “I Will Always Love You” I thought it was Whitney’s, and I wasn’t the only one. She did it more powerful, and in my personal opinion, better. That is the song I think of whenever someone mentions Whitney Houston.

I don’t think that just one song made her iconic, it was her voice that made it happen. It suits perfectly with her songs. I personally think that she has made a lot of hits that are iconic. “I Have Nothing”, “ I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and “Higher Love”, to just name a few. I’m sure that all these song titles are familiar to you. Her self titled debut album Whitney Houston is to this day the best selling debut by a female vocalist. It is her most successful one, selling over 24 million copies. With songs like “Saving All My Love For You”, “ How Will I Know” and “The Greatest Love Of All.'' These songs are songs that you can still hear on the radio today.

An artist is someone who has something that is unique for them. It is someone who lives for what they are doing. It is someone with talent who creates something special. A person who sings and by his or her music has made an impact on the world. Also a musician who has succeeded and is very talented. Whitney is a great example of an artist. She is someone who possesses something special that defines her. For her, this is her voice, it is magical.

An artist is also someone who has a big influence on people. That’s why it is important for an artist to be a good role model. There are a lot of people that are looking up to a famous artist. People that are getting inspired by specific artists.

Sadly, many artists are choosing the wrong track. The carrier is “killing” them. They don't have the perfect lives that we think at first sight. It looks different underneath. It is not uncommon that they are under a lot of pressure and being critiqued on every single thing that they do. They have their reasons for getting into drugs and ending up in jail. The career life isn’t as easy as it looks sometimes. Especially if there are things going on in their personal lives.

A compliment I would give Whitney is that it is unbelievable how talented she is, and how much she achieved in her life. Her voice is unforgettable and any person in the world would love to have it. She had the ability to make people feel her emotions through her songs, so that everyone could relate to it. Her songs are strong and empowering, they make me feel strong and at the same time feel mixed feelings of sadness and happiness.

Her voice fits perfectly with her music, and for me no one can sing her songs like her, she is unique. It is impossible to replace her. Her songs should be sung in her way.

There is something special with the combination of her songs and her voice. Her music always puts me in a happy mood, she sings with so much power which gives me energy. When having a bad day she always puts me in a good mood, I can always rely on her.

Whitney was an amazing artist. A real icon. For me it is hard to find something to critique about her. In a music perspective it would be that using drugs made her voice and music worse. She succeeded in the start of her career, but it “leveled of”. You are able to notice in her latest work that she wasn’t feeling well. It wasn’t the same old Whitney anymore. Her life wasn’t easy. Her husband, Bobby Brown, was abusive, they didn’t have the best marriage. This wasn’t the first time that Whitney had been exposed to something like this. It started in her childhood when she was allegedly sexually abused by her cousin Dee Dee Warwick, which probably affected her through the rest of her life. It is understandable why she wasn’t feeling well, why she started using drugs. Sadly it had a negative effect on her career.

If you look at it from a non music perspective, for me an artist is someone who has a big influence on people, and it is therefore important to be a good role model. And for me, taking drugs isn’t something you should be doing, and by doing thisshe did not succeed at being a good role model.

Whitney has a big influence on big artists today. Beyonce for example. Whitney did music videos which were new to the music world. She translated her pop and R&B stardom into movies. Beyonce is now doing it with her music, and her movies. Whitney had a lot of energy, she was one of the first ones to create a music video with that much creativity and feeling.

Whitney was one of the first african americans to appear on the cover of Seventeen magazine, and one of the first black musicians to appear on MTV. She was one of the few big role models that black girls had to look up to who looked like them in the 80s. I personally think that this had a big effect on especially the young black girls who recognised themselves in her.

Her legacy was that she turned gospel and soul into pop music. This is something you can hear in her songs. When she was younger she used to sing in the church and surprised everyone with her strong angelic voice, which is where her gospel voice came from. I personally like the gospel voice in her music, it is strong, very powerful and emotional.

To sum it all up. I want to say that Whitney had a big influence on the pop music history, on the music history in general. She was the first or one of the first of many things. She did a lot for women and for the black people in the music world. She has also made a great impact on me, she manages to make me feel empowered through her music. She makes me feel confident and as though I’m able to do anything, and for that I am thankful. Her music will always be remembered, and so will she.