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Tupac Shakur

By Maurice Kvist.

I consider Tupac an iconic artist because I believe he made a great impact on hip-hop culture as well as pop-culture.

He made hip-hop feel meaningful and through his music he portrayed an image of the broken parts of the world and of his own. He became somewhat of a spokesperson for the people living the gangster and ghetto life, through his lyrics he expressed his emotions, problems and the rise to fame in songs like “All eyez on me” and “Dear mama”.

His most popular work is probably the album “All eyes on me” or “Me against the world”, Me against the world” is more personal and he raps about poverty, trouble with the cops and imprisonment. But he also raps about his thankfulness to his mother and her sacrifices she made for him.

He was an important person for the young people growing up in the ghettos because he showed them that through dedication you could reach your goals no matter where you come from and he keeps inspiring people to this day.

It wasn’t just the music that made him iconic it was more than just music, it was a lifestyle.

The thug life was his way of looking at life and the way he inspired others to look at life, he changed a word that was frowned upon and made it iconic. He wasn’t just some gangster rapper he had a mission and this is what made him different from the other rappers during this and any other time period, he was a poet.

He also made a huge impact on the black community, shining a light on racism and inequality. This was influenced by his mom who was a black panther, so when Tupac was born he was directly integrated into the community. He was surrounded by strong men and most importantly strong women.

I think he made such an impact because he was honest when he wrote his songs, he knew what he wanted to say and said it and this is what made him so popular. Everyone could in some way relate to Tupas music and without him I don’t think hip-hop would be as popular and as mainstream that it is today. Tupac has sold 75 million albums to date which makes him one of the most top selling artists of all time and this just proves my point, Tupac is one of the most successful rappers of all time.

To me and artist is someone who through his/her music inspires other people and makes an impact on them. An artist isn’t stuck in a box and is always developing as a person and as a musician, they change the way music is perceived and interpreted.

An artist should have mastered their craft and should be able to perform on a huge stage as well as for 5 people and create the same feeling. An artist can make everyone just stop and calm down or to go from being down to hyped and happy.

An artist to me would be able or develop to be able to do these things but in their own unique way and that is what I believe is the most important thing, being yourself and doing everything in your own way. People don’t want to listen to the same thing time and time again you need to switch things up and provide the supply and create a demand.

I believe that you have changed the world in some way or another, you have provided motivation and proven that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. You may not have been the first gangster rapper but you were the first of your kind. You made an impact on the whole world and you didn’t just inspire people från New York or LA you inspired multiple kids in Sweden 3 925 miles away from New York and that is a huge accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself and what you have succeeded.

Why did you have to live the life of a gangster just to write about it you already knew enough about it to make it feel genuine and you spoke against yourself when making these poor decisions. If you really wanted to inspire kid why did you shoot at hard working police officers and believe that you needed to go to prison to understand the “life”. I think you already knew enough about the gang life from growing up in New York's thougher neighbourhoods to understand that it wasn’t a life for anyone but broken souls. You had a gift and you were so close to wasting it by getting life in jail for murder. You can’t justify it by saying that police use unnecessary violence towards young black men because you did commited a crime just as bad.

Police brutality is a huge problem and was even bigger back then but why drop to their level?

He inspired fashion and his bald head with a bandana and a nose stud became an iconic look for him inspiring others. He didn’t create a certain impact on fashion or other art forms (except music) but he inspired people as well as artist to create their own look and to follow what they believed.

The legacy he left behind was the thug life culture and to live by your own standards and the people inspired by his music. He made a change for the black community by acknowledging the problems like police brutality and the segregation of society. He inspired the black community to fight for their rights and young teens to follow their dreams and goals not letting anything stop them.