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When was the time the big stars growed up?

By Ebba Leijonhielm.

The Jumpy Happy 80s

The 80s music is my personal favorite. Artists and bands like Michael Jackson, Whitney Huston, A-ha, Queen and Wham got huge. Under the 80s, new music styles, and idees came up. People thought it was exciting with all this new kind of music. New-romantic music was created. A lot of the songs were about love, and love-issues. When I listen to 80s music, I feel happy. The music makes you want to dance and sing along to it. It was supposed to be easy to sing along to the lyrics. Everyone was welcome, and included to sing and dance to the jumpy music from the 80s.

Under the 80s, lots of new artists popped up, and grew to world famous singers. Some of the worlds

most played albums were released under the 80s , like “Thriller”. Over 110 million editions of the album were sold out. Not just the song was important, but the way the song was performed. Like the music video or when the song was sung under a concert. Dances got created, and people learned them. Not only could you now sing along to songs, but also dance specific ceorgafys.

“I Wanna Dance with Somebody”, “Tainted Love”, and “Beat it” are some of the greatest hits that almost every person has heard sometime. If you look at these music videos, you can see that a lot of colors are being used. Special things representing one artist or one group. One perfect example would be Michael Jackson’s red jacket.

We all know that lots of artists from the 80s got huge, and we still do listen to their music. Today we mostly listen at Spotify, mostly. But how did people listen to this music when it was new? The three most common ways of doing it were the radio, cassette tapes and vinyl. The CD’s started growing under the 80s, but the breakthrough wasn’t before the early 90s. My mom and dad still have some of their old cassette tapes, with albums like “Thriller” and “Make it Big”.

The Modern new Music Style

The 00s music is here. Some of these artists got huge, and still are. For example Eminem and Beyonce. 2017 they actually released a song called “Walk on water”. It’s about being human, even though you’re famous. “I walk on water, but only when it freezes.” is one sentence from the lyrics.

Other persons that came under the 00s are Kanye West, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Justin Timberlake. It’s more common with single artists than music groups. And speaking of singel, one of the world known songs that was released under 00s, was “Single ladies” by Beyonce.

This music style wasn’t as jumpy as the music from the 80s. The lyrics got harder, and faster (rap). You should just jam and feel cool when you listen to this music.

Another artist that got huge, is Britney Spears. Songs like “...Baby One More Time” and “Toxic” would be her biggest hits. Her style of singing is quite querulous. That was something new in the music business, but it showed up that people liked it.

As I meanged earlier, CD’s got big under the early 90’s, but people still did listen to music with CD’s under the 00s. Something new came. A small, flat thing called iPod, was the most common thing to listen to music from. You plugged in your headphones, and used the little scrolling wheel to choose your song, and then you lay back and listen.

Do these periods have anything in common?

Both under 80s and 00s, lots of new, cool, extremely talented singers popped up. King of Pop, the woman that makes you enjoy that you’re single, and the man that can say words quicker than anyone can think.

Both these periods did carry with music that makes you feel extreme feelings. If you listen to one of the more sad songs, you actually feel sad. If you’re listening to one of the more jumpy and happy songs, you can get really happy.

I don’t think anybody would say that the 80s and 00s are two not important time periods of music history, because of all the great and passionate singers we have gotten from them.

Can we see any differences?

The biggest difference that I can see between these two periods in music would be:

  1. The evolution in technology. From listening to cassette tapes and the radio, to listening to one small thing that contained all these music called an iPod.

  2. Harder lyrics. I think that the lyrics from the 00s actually are much harder compared to the music from the 80s. The 80s music is more repetitive. Since it’s more rap under the 00s, the lyrics are faster, so they are offcoure harder to learn.

  3. There aren’t as many symbolizes from the 00s as it is from the 80s. Things don't symbolize one artist or one group.

  4. Less groups. Under the 80s, there were more bigger groups than it was under the 00s. I actually don’t know what that depends on, but I guess that people more liked single artists.

I did pick the 00s and the 80s because they are my favorite periods of music. Some of my favorite artists' breakthroughs were during this time. For example Michael Jackson. I have always loved 80s music, with happy songs with lots of energy. 00s music, is the music that was trendy when i was very little. So, I’ve heard many of these songs, so I wanted to find out more about the music from the 00s.

I think this article was a little bit hard to write, because it wasn’t very easy to find all the information. But, I think it was a great assignment, and very educational.