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Stevie Wonder

By Carl Sundström.

The reason I consider Stevie Wonder as an iconic artist is because of all the struggle he has gone through reaching his fame. There is no secret that Stevie is blind, at birth he suffered from an oxygen overdose in the incubator he was in, that resulted in his loss of sight. Being blind did not prevent him from living life and achieving his dreams which is neither not a secret looking at his wealth and fame today. He is awarded with 25 grammy awards and he was the first Motown artist and second African-American musician to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song, for the 1984 film The Woman in Red. Many people only dream about being awarded with one grammy, and the illusive fact that Stevie has received 25 grammys truly represents his iconic place in society.

The charity We are the world created by Michael Jackson took place in the 80s where a group of very famous singers and artists together sang a song dedicated to the starvation in Africa. Stevie Wonder participated in the charity where he sang a solo. The charity has gathered more than $144 million and the song is a memorable hit all over the world. Fame and success often create bravado in people, this is not even close to Wonders character, he has never been anything else than kind and grateful. His positive and kind attitude has brought him to where he is today around all the fame and success. Stevie Wonder is important to American History because he was a young prodigy. He was born blind and proved against all odds that he was still capable of learning and doing things like people who could see. All of these facts has both inspired and given me a clear picture of how success should be reached and treated, with respect. I really enjoy his music and talent that he uses for the best and I think that Stevie has inspired many more into doing great things and living kind on their way to success. What I am trying to say is that he isn't only a singer but also a rule model that displays what we thought would be impossible, living blind, achieving magnificent things at the same time as he's turning the world into a better place by only spreading his kindness and positivity both in music and outside of music. His music genres helps a lot with mood and well being, American pop, soul and funk are his top genres and all of them are super popular which helps spread his messages and thoughts. This is the reason why I think Stevie Wonder earns the iconic spot he's given.

The best way I can explain my thoughts on what an artist actually is, is by saying that a person who follows their dreams and living creative doing their own things that they enjoy. This is a pretty stereotypical thing to say, however it is hard and only true fighters will reach the fame their after. Real artist are not people who live and act as others, real artists are those who take the time and effort to express and spread their own thing. A good example that displays this is by looking at the rookies, they always do something new and creative that no one would expect, that is why they get all the attention.

The best compliment I can give Stevie Wonder is how good of a fighter he is. He's been blind all his life and still he managed to break through the hard times and become a well known celebrity. This is nothing common to do, it requires a lot of strength and he succeeded. He is truly a special guy.

Stevie wonder has inspired many people to do the “impossible” to accomplish something really big with a disability. This has given many other people hope and will to do things and live another life. Many other forms of art has been influenced by Stevie because the will and happiness people get from his story and words inspire them to do things. Everything could be affected by him, for example me writing this. I am doing this despite the hard work because I know what the final outcome will be, me learning and hopefully achieving the grade I want. I am trying to follow his way and mindset to success in hope to find my own.

For me it was impossible to criticize Stevie Wonder, I did not find anything that I could use against him and this truly represents his picture, he is simply a good person throughout who never would cause harm to anyone.