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Spice girls

By Sara Khayi.

Is spice girls really iconic? Or are they just ordinary?

For my iconic artist, I choose spice girls. The front-runner girl band of all time. The year was 1994 in Britain, and the country was craving more pop music, the country’s favorite band had just broken up and they waited for something new. But the wait stopped as a five-girl group was created, with the name spice girls. The five members were Victoria Adams ( later became Beckham), with nicknamed Posh Spice, Melanie Brown, nicknamed Scary Spice, Emma Bunton, known as Baby Spice, Melanie Chisholm, nicknamed Sporty Spice, and Geri Halliwell, who was known as Ginger Spice. The girls were known for their special music with only one message behind; girls rule.

Spice Girls were one of the few British bands that we're able to break the American charts, their debut single went number on the charts and also their first album sold 10 million copies total. Not only did they break the American charts, and sold 10 million copies but they also won two brit awards at their FIRST ceremony. The girls won awards after awards, made music history and made over 150 million dollar at the box office due to their movie- Spiceworld. At this point, the girls were the best selling girl group of all time. The spice girls took the world by a storm, and also they were great role models. Spice girls changed the mindset of a whole new generation of girls proving that they were strong women who wore what they wanted, sang what the wanted, said what they wanted, and the world couldn't stop them.

So many people ask themselves are spice girls iconic?

In my opinion, for an artist to be iconic the person has to have their special way. An artist that stands out from that other’s, makes history. An artist that changed the world’s thoughts about something, and invented something new. Some people would consider people like Britney spear iconic- but in fact, she was a follower. She followed the path that madonna created and just had a little twist to it. But in general Britney spears is not iconic because she did not choose her path, she followed another.

Spice girls are iconic. Spice Girls are one of the few groups, if not the only group that did what they wanted. Spice girls sang what they wanted, dressed as they wanted, said what they wanted, and so on. To me this is considered as an iconic girl group because they did what they wanted- they chose their path. They knew that the world couldn’t stop them, make them slow down, or make them do other stuff. They were great role models for girls AND boys, showing the world that girls don't need to be stopped and showed them how far they can go without anyone's opinion. Spice girls welcome all ages, races, and gender identities. Spice girls made history along the way, they proved that iconic didn’t just have to be about music but also the apperence, don’t get me wrong, their music was also historical, having all the girlpower lines hidden as a massage wasn’t something everybody did back then.

If I ever met the spice girls, I think that the best compliment ever to give them is; You inspired me in a way that no one has ever done, by listening to your music I want to be a stronger female and be a better version of myself. U changed me for the better, and I don’t know how to thank you. I think that by this compliment the girl group will understand how their work has impacted on us, and by that compliment they can finally realize how much of a change they have done. I think that in their everyday life, they get a lot of compliments that are positive, but also some negative. The worst compliment to give to the girl group is; You guys need to slow down, you are only girls with big dreams. You are only a regular band making ordinary music and just follow the trend. By saying this line to them, I think it will hit them in their heart directly. ‘ You guys make ordinary music’ I don’t think any artist wants to hear that line, every artist strives to make a different kind of music, standing out.

A lots of iconic artists leave a legacy behind, as a recollection of their work. The legacy that spice girls left was the message for the young girls, the younger generation. They left a message saying that girls are as powerful as boys, and can do the same things as boys. That no girl needs to be stopped or put down, that you always look up and not look down. Even if spice girls have broken up and don’t produce music anymore, they still mean a lot for the younger girls that grew up watching them.Many girls are who they are just because of the legacy that the spice girls left behind.

If I had the authority to answer that big question if spice girls are iconic then I wouldn’t hesitate to answer the question yes, the spice girls are way more special to just be ordinary.