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The Best Beatle: Paul Mccartney

By Fanny Boquist.

An iconic artist, in my opinion, is someone whose music never dies. Their music will forever be listened to and enjoyed. Anyone who hears his or her work will recognize it. An iconic artist is someone who can vary their music to the infinite. They have the ability to produce hundreds of songs and none of them will sound the same. Therefore, you will never get tired of them. An iconic artist is someone whose music has a limitless emotional spectrum. It may make you laugh, it may make you cry, it may make you feel lucky, or it may make you feel broken. The music of an iconic artist touches your feelings like nothing else can do. Someone who undoubtedly fulfill these criterias is Paul Mccartney; one of the most iconic artists to ever live.

Paul Mccartney was born in 1942. In the late 50’s he joined The Beatles, which still was an unknown band at the time. Along with John Lennon, he wrote the band’s music. The Beatles broke through with the song “She Loves You”. From there they grew rapidly. They held tours all over the globe and collected millions of fans. A few of their over 200 singles that should be mentioned are “Hey Jude”, “Here Comes the Sun”, “Let it be”, and “Yesterday”. The Beatles split up in the 1970s. Paul Mccartney had had an irreplaceable role in the band's success. After the separate his solo career took off. Paul McCartney is still an active artist today and has collaborated with some of the most famous artists right now, such as Rihanna and Kanye West.

Paul Mccartney is an iconic artist in every way possible. First of all, much of the lyrics he wrote were very personal and intimate. This made you feel a connection to Paul, almost as if you knew him. Lots of his texts had a message based on Paul’s experiences throughout his life. A good illustration of this is the song “Let It Be”, which he based on a dream about his dead mother. The message that the listener achieve is that you have to let go of negative experiences from the past, if there is nothing you can do to change them. I find this to be a very useful motto in life. Either if you’re feeling bad because of a failed test, a conflict or anything else in the past, the best thing to do is to focus on the future. Second of all, Paul McCartney could transfer emotions through his music. As a listener, you experience the same feelings as he felt when he wrote the song. Different songs make you feel different ways. “Yesterday” and “Obla Di Obla Da” for example, have the opposite effects on your mood. In fact, this was thought through by the artist. He purposely wanted his songs to have contrast, resulting in a combination of music that is interesting to listen to. I sincerely do not believe that one can be tired of Paul Mccartney and The Beatles music.

Third, Paul McCartney used his fame and appreciated music to spread awareness about issues in society. He is a well-known face in the animal rights community, and established the famous quote “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian”. He has written songs against war, such as Happy Xmas, aswell. I believe that it is great to use fame to make a change in the world. To sum up, writing personal and emotional songs, being able to vary the music to the infinite, and inspiring others to change society for the better, makes Paul Mccartney an iconic artist.

I have never met Paul McCartney myself, however, I view him as a very genuine and nice person. He emits pure kindness, which should be valued high. If I ever met him, I would compliment his personality. If I was to criticize him on the other hand, I would questionize that he used a lot of heavy drugs during his time in The Beatles. The four members influenced an entire generation and should have been more responsible. Even if it was not on purpose, they affected tons of people who looked up to them.

Paul Mccartney, above all The Beatles, made a huge impact on music history. They were one of the first world-famous bands who dared to experiment with their music. Paul Mccartney and John Lennon mixed different genres and produced music combined by the best of them. Other artists were inspired by their creativity and began to think more outside of the box. They created a culture where music was not bound to any specific “rules”. The Beatles did not only influence music, but they also influenced fashion at the time. They popularized the mop-top hair, sandals, and floral-patterns. These are often found unattractive today but marked the fashion for over a decay.

Recently I bought a T-shirt with Paul Mccartney printed on. Not because his face is outstandingly handsome, but because he is, and will always be a great icon. Even though his most successful years were a long time ago, he is still a relevant person. His way of writing emotional, varied, and creative music, combined with a great, natural voice, and genuine personality, makes Paul Mccartney an iconic artist. He has influenced our entire society. Paul Mccartney will not live forever. Yet, his songs and music legacy are immortal.