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Notorious B.I.G

By Emma kydd.

Your Words Hypnotize Me

What is an icon?

An icon by definition is a person closely related to an idea, but to me, it's something different. I think of an icon as somebody that has inspired people and still is even though he or she has passed away, it is somebody who creates a form of art like music so that you feel something when you listen to it. When you connect the music that plays with a feeling or a moment or when people come together because of the artist and his or her work.

My icon is Christopher George Latore Walles also known as Biggie Smalls or Notorious B.I.G. To me he is an icon because of his huge impact on people. I was watching a documentary about him, and they showed footage of his funeral. The streets were full of people and as soon as Hypnotized was played the people went crazy, when I saw that and how the music brought people together and gave them joy in a time of grief, that made me realize what an icon Biggie is. When I go in the car with my dad he usually puts on music from his youth and childhood. I can see when he drums and sings along that he gets happy and that there is aglint that is lit in his eyes. To me it becomes even more clear of how big an icon Biggie is, just being able to change the mood and make a car ride to Ica into something enjoyable and fun.

The work that made him iconic was his two albums “Ready to die” and “Life after death”. Those albums made people go crazy , it was the first time anybody had ever heard rap music sounding that, mixing the way he rapped and the way his song sounded made the songs even more popular. He had such a special flow. One of the most iconic songs Biggie has released was Juicy. A song that he didn't even wanted to do but is still heard on playlists, and streams to this day.

Why is Biggie an icon

So why is biggie an icon well in music he is iconic for several reasons, but he is also an iconic person. Well first off he has a voice like no one else, it kind of sounds like he has a cold. He also has a special flow. Biggie reinvented east coast hip hop almost entirely on his own. He brought more funk into the hip hop as I see it he almost is telling a story in his rap sounding like somebody is telling a story. When rapping he could be perceived as poeticand his rhymes were smart, he was ahead of his time.

What is an artist for me?

I searched the word artist, it’s a person who creates paintings, music or drawings as a profession or a hobby. But I think that an artist is somebody who has a creative job as a profession, but it’s even more than that. The person has to master the job and go even deeper, they have to be able to connect with people through their job ,for example, an artist with their song, and when they can do that they are truly and artist to me.

The best compliment I can give to Biggie

The best compliment I can give biggie is that he has a very unique voice which makes him so great because you had never heard anything like that before and you probably never will hear again. As soon as anybody puts on a song by Biggie you know that it’s him that's singing. His voice and flow makes everything sound different, many of the rappers these days use autotune and sound the same. So that’s what makes every one of his songs very intriguing to listen to and you can hear them over and over again without getting tired.

The biggest critic

The biggest criticism I can give Biggie is that he made a total of 28 songs but every one of them sounded very much the same, I still like them it’s just not so creative and new thinking. The beats were different but he practically sang about the same things with the same type of flow. He could probably evolve into something bigger if he had lived a little longer and maybe widen his views and dear to try something new.

In what way has Biggie influenced other forms of art, what is his legacy?

Biggie influenced the way rappers dressed years after his death, a pair of timberlands, an oversized shirt and a pair of big pants. Biggie inspired an artist to build shrines in honor of his legacy. He influenced the way rappers still sing to this day if you listen to Drake, Jay-Z or Kendrick Lamar it was Biggie that inspired them. Biggies legacy is his songs but also the way he rapped, as soon as you hear his voice you know that it’s Biggie that's singing.

This is why I think Biggie is a true icon, his work is still relevant and continues to inspire people and other artists. He makes people feel and come together by his music and creations. He has written music that people can relate to and show them that they are not alone in their misery.

As I said, I think of an icon as somebody that has inspired people and still is even though he or she has passed away, it is somebody who creates a form of art like music so that you feel something when you listen to it and that's exactly what biggie does to me and my family.His legacy will continue to live on and I am sure he will still be mentioned as a huge influencer in the hip hop world in forty years. Biggie was, is and will always be an icon to the world of hip-hop.