• Stepping Stones Kottla

Modern Music

By Douglas Mirahmadi.

I feel two great decades of music to be used as comparison can be the 1960s and the 2010s. I chose this because they are so different from each other and are both very important time periods for music. Starting with the 1960s we see a rise in rock overall. rock starts to make a name for itself by creating many different genres like Folk rock, Psychedelic rock, Surf rock, Garage rock, Blues rock, and so many more. During this time in America a lot of things happened that made way for new voices to be heard. The assassination of President Kennedy, the escalation of the war in Vietnam and the forward-progress of the Civil Rights Movement. These all greatly impacted the mood of American culture and the music began to reflect that change. Some of the great artists that popped up during this time were Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The beach boys, and Dick Dale. Also during the 60s lots of british music groups found great success in America like the Rolling Stones, the Animals, the Who, and of course the Beatles. Making songs during the 60s was hard and expensive. You needed cutting edge technologie like laser discs and stereo microphones. Developing music was hard and you had to know people to produce it. When nowadays you can make a hit song on your laptop or tablet in seconds.

Going to the 2010s I can say undoubtedly Hip Hop was the most important music genre of the decade and has changed the way music is portrayed today. It became more about your image and how you were being portrayed. The image started to sell more then the music itself. It mattered how you looked, who you were dating, how you talked to fans, your personality all things that were being sold with the music. This was all thanks to social media.

With the never ending development of technology it was made it easy to create hit songs at your fingertips. It helped create pop music using electronic beats which would have been impossible to make during the 60s. It created new genres like edm, dubstep, and techno all which can be made at our fingertips. Some of the stars of this decade are Drake, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Jay Z, and Katy Perry. In this decade we have seen how Hip Hop has surpassed pop and is a huge influence on our culture today. The artists during this decade use their musical talent to express themselves throughout their songs shedding light on the problems they face day by day. An example of this is Hip Hop. They portray their struggle of poverty, crime, and hardships they faced day by day. I feel as if this decade has become more inclusive than ever because of the internet creating a platform where people can come together and share likings of the same genres. During the 2010s music was used as an output to discuss problems individuals were specifically facing or things happening in the world they felt needed to hear. During this time many things happened, an example of this 911. Artists from all different genres like, 50 cent, Beyonce, Coldplay, and the Beastie Boys all made songs to remember the lives lost in the attack. This is a perfect example of how things have changed from the 60s to 2010s. Artists of all walks of life come together and are able to share their own world view or opinions throughout their songs. Things like streaming made it easier for people throughout the world to listen to what artists had to say. Mental health became a huge discussion at the time and was included in many different songs. It made people more aware that they weren't alone and that others feel the same way. The two decades are very different but the past artists still hold a great deal of influence in music today and will continue so throughout the decades.