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Michael Jackson

By Ebba Leijonhielm.

Tito, Marlon, Michael, Jackie and Jermanie Jackson walks up on stage. Five microphones are lined up in front of the audience. The year was 1964 and it was the first time The Jackson 5 was going to perform. Michael was only six years old. Joe Jackson, the father of Michael, and the rest of his siblings, wanted his kids to be successful. He wanted them to start their career at a young age. We can’t disagree that Michael did. He became the lead singer in The Jackson 5 right after the group was created. This did lead to that Michael became famous quickly, but also, most of his years as a child was now gone. He didn’t get to have a normal childhood. He didn’t get to play, he worked.

All the Jackson children got famous early. In the family we have: Joe Jackson, father. Kathrine Jackson, mother. Tito, Marlon, Michael, Jackie and Jermanie Jackson, brothers. La Toya, Janet Jackson, sisters. And then we have Michael Jackson. You can see him on the upper road to the right.

August 10, 1979, Michael’s breakthrough album, was released. “Off the Wall”. “Rock with you”, “She’s out of my life” and “Don’t stop til’ you get enough”, are some songs you can listen to from that album. After this album was released, Michael started his long career as one of the most famous people in the world. If you go out, and ask around “Do you know who Michael Jackson is?” 9/10 people will probably say yes. Over the whole world, he got more than 4,8 billion fans (4,800,000,000). That’s what I call an icon.

1982, was his next album released. Thriller this time. I’m guessing you have seen the Thriller music video, where zombies came out of their graves. Michael is wearing a red jacket. Even this jacket got famous, and was sold for 1.8 million dollars at auction. Thriller changed the whole musician world. After thriller was released, he definitely became an icon.

Truly Was the One

He’s an iconic figure

He’s standing on the stage

He’s smiling when he sees everyone in the great hall

He’s wearing a sparkling glove and a black hat

He’s singing “She says I’m the one”

He truly was the one

He’s and will always be an iconic figure

An artist for me is a person who lives for what he or she is doing, using instruments. Like their voices, guitars or pianos. Creating wonderful sounds using them, that you almost can’t describe with words. The music takes over your body and makes you want to move around and sing along. Or, it makes you feel powerful, lucke and loved. Maybe it makes you feel like you need to release all the feelings inside of you. Sometimes cry, sometimes laugh. Only an artist can make you feel this way.

This is why I picked Michael Jackson. Also partly because his music makes me feel nostalgia. Younger me did listen to Michael all the time. I stopped counting how many times I’ve watched the “Thriller” video after 30 times. Let’s just say, I really like it! I danced to “Bad”, and I still do. I sang to “Billie Jean”, and I still do. I cried with “She’s Out of My Life”. I still do.

How can a song make me feel so much? After all,it is just sounds.

Since Michael absolutely changed the whole world, musician world, his legacy will always be there, forever. The invitation to a new world with amazing pop music. Many artists did take after him. Some of them are: Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey and Maroon 5. The list can go on and on for a pretty long while. Well, he is still and will remain… the king of pop.

Michael did go through a lot of hard stuff under his long career and short life. Setbacks change persons. He did change. One thing that always stayed the same, was his love for music. The love for concerts. The love for singing. I have, and will always have respect for people who just love what they do for a living.

25th January, 2019 a documentary came out. “Leaving Neverland”. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. When Michael was peeking, he started to spend plenty of time with two young boys in the ages seven and ten, separately. He invited them to his home, “Neverland”. 1993 he got accused for child sexual abuse. 2003 Michael got arrested for child molestation. When he got arrested he said “Lies runs sprints, but truth runs marathons. The truth will win this marathon in court.”. In “Leaving Neverland”, the young boys, who are now in their 30th gets to higher their voices, and tell us their side of the story.

It’s weird. After watching the documentary, my picture of Michael Jackson was completely changed. Before, I looked at him like a big person. A person who loved helping others. A person enjoyed life. A person with the biggest heart. Now, I look at him like a psychopath. A person whose life is very sad. A person that couldn't control himself.

Knowing that Michael was mentally sick, won’t change the fact that I love and always will love his music and him as an iconic artist. It won’t change the fact that I will listen to his music almost every day. It won’t change the fact that I will continue dancing to “Bad”, singing along to “Billie Jean” and cry to “She’s out of my life”.