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Ludwig van Beethoven

By Alexander Orhaug.

Ludwig van Beethoven is now known as a famous composer from the classical and romantic periods. His mostly known for music like “fur elise” and “moonlight sonata”. Which can even be described as the most famous pieces of all time. He was deaf a big part of his life, but he was still able to write his music, symphonies and operas. This is just a short explanation of my he was famous and why he was liked by many other people.

But what made him so special and so exciting to many people? Well he constantly pushed music into new areas. More than any other composer before him, Beethoven could take a simple idea and work it into a large-scale piece. The first movement of his famous Symphony No. 5, for instance, all clearly comes from the opening da-da-da-daaa figure, yet it never sounds repetitive; similarly the first movement of his Piano Sonata No. 29, the 'Hammerklavier', all springs from one short opening phrase.

His symphonies were louder, longer and more exciting than anything written hitherto, and that same feeling of exploration and life on the edge shows through his other works too. Much of his music enjoyed great popularity - his early Moonlight Sonata for instance was a hit in terms of sheet-music sales - but his more exploratory works could puzzle players and audiences alike, such as his final string quartets, written in his last years of profound deafness.

To me this was an inspiration to a whole new era of music. The music that showed emotion, or sometimes talked with notes. He made a whole different style that was louder, bigger and more exciting. Also the fact that he was deaf and could still create a new music topic. It shows that he really knew his music. From the inside and out.

So what really does make him so special to me. How is he an iconic to me? Well there was so many things that made him special to me. The way his music hit my ears the first time, and how i just fell in love with it. The music got more meaning, and it started to make sense. But I did not know if it was only I who felt like that. So I looked at it, and the way Beethoven's music hits my ears, hits so many other people's ears in the same way. Like said before the music got a lot more exciting to listen to. So much stronger and more intense. All of these reasons are why Beethoven was my iconic artist.

In conclusion i consider my iconic artist as a person, who even with disabilities knew his music so well that they could even create a different kind of music. Someone who could express themselves in a whole different and new way. Not only that, but to have the courage to say “I'm going to do something different and I don't care what people say”. To make history and start a new period of romantic music. That could tell you a story or have it own feelings. That is why Beethoven is a special and iconic artist to me.