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Lil Wayne

By Carl William Ehren.

Lil Wayne, you know who it is, even if you’re not a fan. Whether you know him for his music or his drug addiction. Lil Wayne is an iconic artist, not because I like his music, which I don’t really enjoy. He has a really influential part in a lot of rap and hip hop genres. He is considered the creator of mumble rap, the newest type of rap or hip hop. Whether you enjoy mumble rap or Lil Wayne, you can’t deny that most rap songs on the top 100 list every month, most of them are influenced by Lil Wayne. Whenever you hear new songs, it's obvious that they are inspired by him. Even if the music and the things he influences like drugs and alcohol aren’t so good for kids to listen to, he made it popular. How often is it you hear a song that doesn’t mention drugs? Not very often. Wayne being heavily addicted to drugs created a style of rap whether it was meant for it to happen or not.

An artist for me doesn’t have to be music, it can be sculptures or paintings too. Art is what you feel it is, I think that an artist for me is someone who creates something iconic, or does something different. It can be a lot of things, there are many artists that make many styles of art.

The best compliment I could give to Lil Wayne is that he has arguably co created a new style by rapping about drug addictions and drinking. A style of music that a lot of rap is based off now. Hit songs that are on billboard like “Gucci Gang” a song where in the music video it promotes lean and weed, two of the most used drugs in the rap and hip hop industry. He also made the “Lil” name popular, this is used in rappers names like “Lil Pump,Lil Toe,Lil Reese,Lil Durk, Lil Uzi Vert” and the list goes on.

The biggest critic which also is the best compliment as it turns out, good and bad, deaths by drugs but also a very popular music genre. Even though he created a style of rap/ hip hop by drugs, it promotes a bad image. Most new rappers do drugs that Wayne made popular. The biggest critic to Lil Wayne is the best compliment, even if it creates art or entertainment I think that the drugs do worse than good for the rap community.

Fredo Santana, another rapper that was heavily addicted to drugs died a few years ago by doing the same drugs as Lil Wayne. He just like Wayne, promoted his drug addictions and it unfortunately ended in a bad way. This is what Lil Wayne has done to the community by promoting these drugs.

In a way Lil Wayne has influenced a form of art of making clothes as he is the face of the brand “TRUKFIT” He states he owns it but it is not actually owned by him, but rather owned by Bravado, which is then connected to the universal music group also known as UMG. I would say this is the largest Lil Wayne influenced form of art that is not music that I know of. Obviously people draw Lil Wayne and make album covers for him, that's mostly the art forms that he influences, Music and Clothing. Lil Wayne’s legacy is that he is a pioneer or a father of the modern hip hop and rap scene, creating a genre of music and even being the face of a clothing label. Lil Wayne is an icon, whether you support him or not.