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James Brown

By Theodor Rafkin.

Most people in Stockholm have to commute on a daily basis. That creates a lot of time for people to kill. Some people watch youtube videos, others read books but what I consider to be the most common activity is listening to music. What people listen to differ a lot but I tend to listen to one of my favorite icons in music.

James Brown.

The music James Brown created differentiated him from most other artists of the time. Instead of focusing on the lyrics of the song he put most of his effort into the instrumentals and rhythm of the music. This in turn made him iconic for his time. The song James Brown is most famous for is “I got you”. It’s one of those songs that everyone has heard multiple times. Some would say that just that song in itself is enough to make him an iconic artist in the funk genre. I view James Brown as a true artist. Someone who’s able to put their entire soul into the art they create.

I admire James Brown for making music his own way. It’s easy to do what’s popular at the time but it’s very hard to find the courage to express your own art to an audience consisting of hundreds of thousands of people, maybe even millions. Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin once said ”He was almost a musical genre in his own right and he changed and moved forward the whole time so people were able to learn from him.”.

However, I wish James could put some more effort into his lyrics. Good instrumentals can last a very long time but if you can add well written lyrics to that you can create music that lasts over time.

James Brown gave more to the people than music. He used to traverse the streets of New York City trying to help the poor. While driving his car he would stop to hand out toys and food to those who were less fortunate. In the music industry he is known as the godfather of soul for his contribution to the genre. It is also said that James Brown’s music influenced famous artists like Michael Jackson and Prince.

To conclude, James Brown was an iconic artist that made a name for himself creating his own original music. I admire him a lot for being original, when it’s much easier not to be and for giving back to the people who were less fortunate. He could however put some more effort into the lyrics of his songs. Then I believe that his music really would have been etched into time. However, James Brown is still one of my favorite musicians and deserves to be viewed as an icon.