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David Bowie

By Henrik Sancini.

The Most Iconic Artist of the 20th Century

It’s hard to define iconic and to decide who is iconic or not. I believe that the definition for iconic is being an image of a movement or something symbolic. Being iconic is making something new and inspiring people to follow your lead and continue your legacy. I think that for a person to be iconic they need to be original and create something personal and original. There are many talented people in the world but not all of them are iconic. If you come up with something new you will the icon for it. People will associate what you made with you and that for me is what iconic means. I also think that an iconic artist is someone who respected other people and let them use his style and make their own versions. I believe that they should instead of protecting their style and forbid people to make similar music they should be helpful and be open-minded. I also believe that being iconic is having a strong legacy and to influence other forms of art and other people.

I have chosen David Bowie as my iconic artist. David's real name is David Robert Jones and sadly he passed away 3 years ago, although he died his music lived on. I think that David Bowie is iconic because he created something new. He was able to reinvent himself. Have different characters and being able to express them in his music performance. He was never afraid to explore new styles and things he had never tried before. He also wasn’t afraid to express himself in unusual ways. He always wore very crazy outfits for his shows any many people criticized him for it, but he continued. This made other straight men like David Bowie to become more secure and being able to express themselves without being judged or accused of being something they’re not. He did not do what he was expected to do, he did what he wanted to do. Therefore all his music was very personal had a lot of meaning.

Davids Bowie released his first album in the year 1967. It was called “The World of David Bowie”. When the album was released David Bowie was planted into the music world like a seed, throughout his career he continued to grow and take a bigger part in the music culture. Before Davids huge appearance in pop culture pop music was mainly for belonging and being part of a big fanbase, David Bowie's music, on the other hand, was about not belonging. For scattered kids that didn’t belong in the normal pop community David Bowie’s music became something of their own. “Up to this point, pop music had been mainly about belonging, about identification with their peers. This music, carefully choreographed in a dank basement under a South London escort agency, was a spectacle of not-belonging. For scattered isolated kids around the UK, and soon on the American East Coast, and then on the West Coast, this was their day. The day of the outsider.” wrote the Author of David Bowie’s biography: Starman, Paul Trynka.

David Bowie was a great artist. But what is an artist for me? I believe that the word artist is a very broad word. Everyone is an artist in their own way. Being an artist is not being on the front page of a big newsletter To me, being an artist is having the ability to create things. This is a very important ability and many people are good at it, it is one of the most amazing things you can do as a person. You don’t have to make something big, or famous, you only have to make something new, in your own style. There are many different types of artists, the reason for that is because there are so many categories in things you can create.

David Bowie was after all a great iconic artist. If I met him I would compliment him but sadly he is dead. If I, in any way, was able to talk to David Bowie this is what I would say: “Thank you, thank you for being there for all the kids who didn’t fit in, didn’t belong in the mainstream pop culture. Many kids that didn’t belong in society found peace and felt like being part of something. I truly think that what you did for the unfortunate kids changed their life forever. Also, your way of expressing yourself through your physical appearance is very brave and I admire your confidence. It has helped me become more confident in the way I dress and look. I think many more kids and adults feel the same way so for that I thank you.”

David Bowie was not only a great musician and a big part of pop culture. He was also very passionate about fashion. Only a few men influenced fashion as much as David Bowie did. He was a major part of the fashion industry during his time. David Bowie has worked with many much-talented fashion designers throughout his career, some of the most iconic ones being: Michael Fish, Kansai Yamamoto, and Hemi Slimane. Hedi Slimane is a photographer and fashion designer when he worked with Yves Saint Lauren and David Bowie said that David Bowie was one of his greatest influences. The reason for David Bowie's successful fashion career was because of his confidence. He was never afraid to wear an outfit only because he thought that people would mock him for his fashion taste, therefore he was able to express himself through his fashion. The year 2013 David Bowie was voted as the best-dressed Britain, beating Queen Elizabeth.

Although David Bowie has passed his legacy is still alive. Most of the musicians are only relevant for a few years due to the lack of creativity, David Bowie, on the other hand, managed to stay relevant for almost 50 years. His career started when he was 20 years old and it ended when he passed at the age of 69. The reason for his extremely long career is because of his extraordinary creativity and imagination. He always found new ways to make music and fashion. He constantly pushed himself forward and forward in his career. David Bowie's legacy will continue for a long time. It is because of how unique David Bowie was, he always did what he wanted to do, not what was expected from him. Every different style David used to make music has left an impact on modern music and they will continue to influence other musicians.

Davids's death in the year 2016 was very hard for many people. David Bowie influenced both pop culture and fashion culture. When he died he made 2 big holes in the cultures and they are yet to be filled by other talented artists. David Bowie was a great artist and a huge icon. He helped many people and will continue to help more. His legacy will continue for a long time, because of how unique David Bowie was in his music and fashion style.