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Bon Jovi

By Hampus Landgren.

What is an iconic artist? The definition from Merriam Webster states that an icon is “something widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence”. But for me, it is more or less a person or a band that has created something special and inspired people, but also stand out and such as Bon Jovi can still fill up a stadium after their first breakthrough.

But what made Bon Jovi iconic was the 80’s album slippery when wet, this was also their breakthrough album. This album made them iconic because this was the first time in a long while the people in the rock community did not see any face paint. This made Bon Jovi stand out because most of the other rock bands in that time had face paint and long hair whilst Bon Jovi only had the long hair. This made it so that they had a huge increase of listeners per month and more listeners mean more people who are inspired to have the same type of style. Some of the bands who were greatly inspired were Nickelback, Dragonforce and Skidrow to name just a few.

An artist for me is someone who has created a type of work that people enjoy, such as Picasso. Picasso’s drawings look very weird and are oddly shaped but we still have the expression “wow you paint like Picasso”. It is almost the same with music artists such as Jimi Hendrix. When Jimi Hendrix plays the guitar he is good but some people are better than him and still go unnoticed. This is probably because Jimi’s work was more enjoyable.

It is also to invoke a message that they feel and can remember. Bon Jovi has very enjoyable and memorable songs because they were written at that time and were not remakes of other songs. They also told stories such as “You give love a bad name” which is a story about a bad relationship.

I think that it is great that you made you were able to make a difference in the rock community by doing your own thing in the ’80s. I like your music because I and my mother once went on a road trip where we listened to Bon Jovi the whole way and sang along to the most famous songs. And when my mom got sick I thought back to this road trip and started to listen to Bon Jovi again. It gave me a lot of joy and I still listen to these songs and they always cheer me up when I feel stressed or sad. I also think it is cool that u made it into the Rock Hall of Fame.

Though some of Bon Jovi’s songs are good the majority of them aren't because they are newer and I don’t believe they have the same 80’s feel as the other. Such as their worst-ranked song which is called “Save the world”, which came out in the album “Crush” in 2000. This song was part of their commercial comeback album and it sucks. And on most of their newer performances live John “Bon” Jovi’s voice has not really done its part. This is probably because he is getting old and 33 years of singing rock music will probably damage your vocals. This is, of course, nothing that he can control but it is just bad for everyone listening, I mean how fun would it be to pay 300kr to go to a Bon Jovi concert that does not sound good?

Bon Jovi’s county anthem inspired today's country sounds. Almost 20 years before Bon Jovi made a collaboration with Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles for the band’s only country hit, “Who Says You Can’t Go Home”, frontman Jon Bon Jovi sang about the wild west and outlaw living in the song “Wanted Dead or Alive”. Which is a road anthem that has been mixed with 80’s rock and the reimagined wild west? It’s easy to see why modern country music, a genre that praises life’s most basic thrills and with a soundtrack borrowed from rock and urban pop has taken Bon Jovi’s music to heart.

Bon Jovi is a band that started in the 80’s they started from nothing and now they are really big. I find them iconic because they started their style and kept going with it. They have had some ups and downs during the years and have had members come and go. When they released the album “Slippery When Wet” they got a huge boost in popularity but they also got a lot of criticism. The critics only made the band work harder and after the “Slippery When Wet” tour they had changed the rock genre. They were adored by teen girls for their good looks and catchy hooks. They knew how to sell the fantasy of the rock ’n roll lifestyle and tell stories of romantic love. This is why I think that Bon Jovi is iconic.