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2010s Pop VS 1990s Pop

By Sandra Valjus.

Music develops and changes during time. My music taste has changed during my lifetime, it changes depending on my mood and style. It is the same thing with music in society, it changes with fashion, taste, and trends. During the 1990's, dance music in the north was refreshed and more modern, examples of this new music groups are Arvingarna and Joyride. Eurodans, electronic music made to dance to. It was music combined with hip hop and house.

In the 1990's synth pop decreased and gave space for rock music. Rock was also a large genre and became huge after 1992. The famous Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana was the role model for all rock musicians. It is also counted as the number one song over the decade. I have heard it more than once even if I was born in 2004. I like the song and it isn’t the kind of music I use to listen to, that is maybe why it became so famous. It was not only rock in the 1990’s, pop music was also a big part of society. 1990 was also called the teenagers period.

Before 2010, hard rock and heavy metal were popular. The rock in 2010 was called indie rock because it was much softer. Imaginary Dragons is one of 2010’s groups who made pop rock and indie rock. My brother and I had a period when we always listened to Imaginary Dragons in the car. My favourite was Bad Liar and I still think they are a really good group.Hard rock and heavy metal still existed tho, one popular group of this genre was Five Finger Death Punch.

In 2010 the amount of rap music increased but also K-pop. K-pop is koreean pop, one example of this is Gamngangstyle. It was Gmangangstyle who showed k-pop to the world year 2012. Later in the decade, 2018, was the first k-pop on the US billboard charts. It was the korean boy band BTS who made it to the billboard with their song Love Yourself.

The huge difference between 1990 and 2010 is how we can listen to all music. We can now use apps like spotify and find all songs in seconds. I think this can create a bigger spread between music taste. It is easy to find different types of music so we all can find what we like. All of my friends have different music tastes than me except for two people, but they are slightly different. For example one of my friends loves K-pop, another reggie, one like weird german music and another like the swedish rap. I think this is possible because the music is so approachable.

Pop music was a big genre during the 1990’s. Boy and girl bands were created and among the leaderboards of musik. Music producers announced in newspapers, they were looking for teenagers to form the new pop band. Louis Jay Perlman announced that he was going to create a new pop band. Boys from Amerika went to him for audicien and Perman hand picked the best to form his group. He named his new group after a teenage hangout place, Backstreet and the group became Backstreet Boys. Their music is about love and feelings. Their song Get Down’s lyrics is about a boy who has found the girl he wants and it seems like he is telling her in the lyrics. Their song I Will Never Break Your Heart is about a boy who loves a girl who has been hurt. He thinks he loves her so much so won't break her heart. This song is also a love declaration of how he would love her. I added these two songs to my music playlist at Spotify because I like this type of music.

The amount of boy bands increased in England 1990 and there was news about forming a girl band. The new group Spice girls was created with picked people to match different characters and music abilities for the ultimate music group. This boy’s and girl's teenage bands was popular in the 1990s. Spice girls hit song was Wannabe and it is about a girl telling a boy the rules and things that being her lover means, for example getting along with her friends.

Except for boy and girl bands, were solo pop artists are popular. Britney Spears had her hit song 1999, Baby One More Time. Her music video took place in a high school full of teenagers, the pop music 1990 was the teenagers time. The song is about how she feels for a boy and she lost him but she stills wish for another chance, she is lonely without him. I have this song at my just dance game from 2017. I think it is cool that a song can stay popular through so many years.

Justin Biber was one of many singers in the top list in 2010. He released Baby in 2010 in january. It was also teenage pop, it was coming back 10 years later. 2011 was the first boy band to become popular worldwide in the 2000s. One Direction, Big time rush, Little Mix and Fifth Harmony. It seems like the 1990s pop music was on its way back. All members of 1D participated in x-factor as solo artists but later they were put together to form a band to participate in the group category. Jet again is a boy band created from music producenters. It seems like the put together a boy band strikes as well in 2010. 1D has won around 200 awards for their music, including artist of the year 2014 and 2015 in Amerika. Their album “Four” was a number in 10 countrys. They didn’t write their songs on their own but the song writers made pop for 2010. The songs are about love and their feelings, how it is to have those girls they love or that they want back the love they had when they were 18. In other words the classical pop music lyrics.

Since I live in Sweden I noticed that both Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears went to Sweden to get help from Swedish producers. It is the same thing in 2010, for example Katy Perry went to get help from Max Martin, who is a large music producer in Sweden.

I really like pop music. It is almost the only genre I listen to. When Spotify gave out a summary over this decade in december 2019 was my different categories of music i listened to during 10 years, pop, Sweedish pop, Euro pop and rock pop. When I was writing this essay I listened to music or the group I wrote about. I ended up listening to every song in Backstreet Boys albums, Backstreet Boys, Backstreet’s back and Millennium. The same thing happened with One Direction. I really like the 1990s and 2010s pop music and I think they are kind of similar. I like Backstreet Boys Get Down, it is a pop song with “easy” lyrics and is easy to sing along to. I don’t like music when the lyrics are hard or fast like rap because then it is hard for me to sing along and I use to sing to all music I hear. Get Down has a repeating chords and contains some rap too. One Directions, Steal My Girl, is also one of these easy remembered songs, we can sing along to. With their “Na na na na na na (oh, yeah)” part makes the song have a happy and chill swing and I can Imagine the audience in a large koncert sing along with their hands on others arms. I don’t think you can get tired of boy and girl bands. There will always be a really large diversity in music, there are so many different types of music and ways to perform them. I am a group, orcerta, solo artist or duos. There will always be different types and I don't think boy and girl bands will disappear, only become less popular.

I think music will change but still be the same over time. New ways to use instruments or new instruments will be invented. I think I will always like pop but I think my music taste will spread to different genres over time. Yesterday I listened to The Ghost I used to be by Vinne Paz and that is kind of hip-hop and rap. I think the music over time mostly changes because of inventions but will still be the same because the way that humans feel and think haven't changed, jet.